Tony Robinson, Actor and Television Presenter

"How do you know who you are unless you know where you’ve come from? How can you tell what’s going to happen, unless you know what’s happened before? History isn’t just about the past. It’s about why we are who we are – and about what’s next. "

Curriculum Links

Local history studies – aspects or historical events significant to locality, Stone Age hunter-gathers & early farmers ( Rings of Change,WW1 CampForagingTextiles & Stone Age Living eco-heritage workshops)


Rings of Change – ½ day (KS2 upwards)

A guided walk back in time, from the perspective of trees. By using tree growth rings, we see how the landscape has changed throughout the pre-industrial, industrial and post industrial ages. Workshops are available at Queens Park, Hollingworth Lake Healey Dell Nature Reserve and usually run alongside a teacher-led Talking Trees activity which NatureEd provides all the resources for.


WW1 Ealees Camp- ½ day or full day (KS2 & 3)

The shelter building workshop was developed to link to the WW1 centenary commemorations. Archive photographs, postcards and press cuttings of the 1914 training camp at Hollingworth Lake Ealees Valley are brought to life by this interactive session helping the children to really connect with the past. The ½ day session includes fire lighting and Kelly kettle, a full day session involved pupils in the cooking of a WW1 trench stew on the open fire.



Teacher - Rings of Change at Queens Park

"Very relevant! It linked to English, Geography & History"

Child - about WW1 shelter building

I am writing to thank you for letting class II experience the WW1 camp activities. It ws great, I enjoyed everything.

Celebrating Our Woodland Heritage Eco-heritage sessions 1/2 day (KS2)

Stone Age Living (KS2)

Going back into the past looking at Stone Age tools, primitive fire making and building shelters. This is a chance for children to find out about the landscape and environment of Rochdale would have looked like in pre-historic times experience for themselves the challenges of surviving in the Wild Woods!


Textiles & industry (KS2)

Rochdale has a rich industrial heritage.  These sessions look at the textile industry   Heritage is integrally linked to the local landscape. Various activities which include making natural dyes, print making, weaving and more specialist activities such as using a pole lathe or spinning wool.



Pupil - Spring Stone Age living session

"I enjoyed the fire because I could light it and I felt proud of myself"

Teacher - Autumn Textiles and Industry Session

"Seeing the children engaging with natural materials and exploring how they can be used past present and future"