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"What is our knowledge worth if we know nothing about the world that sustains us, nothing about natural systems and climate, nothing about other countries and cultures? "

Curriculum Links

Locational knowledge – key topographical features & land uses of local area (Rocks, Soils & Local Geology, River Valleys Studies)  

Physical & Human Geography – identifying weather patterns, rivers & the water cycle, land use & economic activity (Weather Workshops, River Valley Studies, Flood Resilience)

Geographical fieldwork skills – using maps, keys & symbols, observing, measuring & recording (Nature Orienteering, River Valley Studies)


River Valley Studies (KS2 & 3)

Pupils explore their local river environment. Activities can include contrasting landscapes, collecting real data by surveying the river valley, measuring flow rates, fishing for invertebrates and looking at the sustainability of recreation. Examples of local flooding can be discussed to raise awareness.

Nature Orienteering (KS2) NatureEd@Parks

Introducing children to map reading and learning about local wildlife and heritage in the South Pennines. Subjects include woodland birds & migration, foraging & plant id, mini beasts & food chains, river wildlife & conservation.

We also have our new EYESpy Heritage Trailsat Balderstone, Hare Hill & Queens Park.  Children look for clues hidden around the activity area.  A great activity for developing teamwork and co-operation.


Teacher – River Studies session at Hollingworth Lake

“Activities gave space for children to investigate, learn and play whilst developing knowledge and respect for their natural environment"

Teacher - St Andrews primary

"Great session children were all engaged and really enjoyed themselves, especially the activity (orienteering) where they had to complete the quiz in groups"”


Weather Workshops (KS2) NatureEd@schools

Children re-create the water cycle identifying the processes involved such as evaporation, condensation, precipitation, as well as natural and man-made features of the river system. They then measure and record different aspects of the weather using equipment such as a cloudometer, windicator, compass and thermometer.


Rocks, Soils & Local Geology (KS2)

A cross curriculum workshop looking at the formation of the local landscape  due to the impact of physical and human processes.  Includes a fun interactive indoor session, children will learn about the geology time-line of the South Pennines, make 3d models and carry out fieldwork activities observing landscape features, different kinds of rocks and soils.



Teacher after weather workshop at school

“Thank you for a great workshop children really enjoyed the session”

Kentmere Primary

"We will be booking again next year, thank you"