The National Curriculum Framework document, July 2013

"Develop understanding of the nature, processes and methods of science through different types of science enquiries that help them to answer scientific questions about the world around them"

Curriculum Links

Living things & their habitats – identification & classification, adaptations, food chains, lifecycles and habitats (Pond dip, Mini-beast Hunt, Nighthunters, Hedgehogs & Hibernation, Bird Watch)

Plants – structure, growth & function of different parts, comparing similarities and differences, recognising seasonal variations, (Tree Detectives, Passport to Plants & Focus on Flowers, Foraging Taster)

Seasonal changes – observing different seasons and weather patterns (Weather Studies, Bird Watch, Hedgehogs & Hibernation)

Materials – properties of different materials, rocks & soils (Scavenger Hunt, Lethal Litter, Rocks, Soils & Local Geology)

 Pond Life (KS1 & 2)                          

The ever popular Pond Dip explores life in the pond. Using various invertebrate identification keys and dials, this activity looks at life-cycles, food chains and habitats.

Mini-beast Safari (KS1 & 2) NatureEd@School

Some will squirm and some will savour this activity of recording and identifying the smaller species in the woodland habitats. This activity helps children recognise the importance of mini-beasts in the environment, looking at physical adaptations, life cycles and food chains.

Teacher - pond dipping session

“Fantastic in every way”

Teacher - Mini-beast Safari session

“The mini beast hunts were well organised, planned and thought out. A great activity for all ages – the adults enjoyed themselves as much as the children.”

Nighthunter Trail (EYS & KS1)

This daytime sensory trail weaves through a variety of habitats, helping children to explore the different senses and showing how they are used by nocturnal creatures.

Hedgehogs & Hibernation (EYFS, KS1 & KS2  NatureEd@School

An autumn workshop looking at seasonal changes and animal survival and adaptations. Children make a hedgehog homes for their own hedgehog and “test” to see if it will survive the winter.

Teacher - Kentmere Primary School

“Hands on, children being able to take part in activities in the woods too … we’ll be back.”

Child - Hedgehogs & hibernation session

"I loved making a home for our own hedgehog and keeping it warm.”

Bird Watch Walk (KS2)

Hollingworth Lake is the home of many birds. The walk is aimed at those new to bird ID and can include observing wildfowl from the Bird Hide and / or checking out the woodland birds at the Visitor Centre Feeding Station. Bird Watch Walks at other sites can be arranged.

Scavenger Hunt (EYFS & KS1)

A fun activity, using observation and exploration to collect natural bits and pieces. The activity can be carried out almost anywhere, and links with materials, tree id & recycling.

Teacher St Thomas CE Primary School, Oldham

"Fantastic in every way. All children were engaged and focused. Brilliant day!"

Teacher - Hollingworth Lake Visit

““Second visit in two years - I'm sure I'll be back again””

Passport to Plants (KS1 & 2)  Focus on Flowers (KS2)  NatureEd@School Looking at the structure of plants and how pollination occurs, children will begin to understand the close inter-relationship between plants and insects.  Focusing on different plants allows the children to explore using all the senses and to learn key identification skills.

Foraging and cooking on an open fire taster days (KS2 – adults)

A chance to explore wild foods, learning the importance of identification and cooking safely in the woods.  The session helps children assess and take calculated risks, encouraging independence and teaches key skills such as working with tools, basic health and hygiene in the outdoors.

Smithy Bridge Primary School - Focus on Flowers session

“It was a lovely afternoon - informative & the weather was “mint”!

Teacher – Cooking on a Open Fire CPD session

“Excellent! A fantastic way to spend the afternoon. Enjoyable and practical.”

Tree Detectives (KS2)


Explore the woodland environment and the secrets a tree holds. Children will identify differences between trees, find more about an individual tree by ‘interviewing’ it, and discover its relationship with other wildlife.

Lethal Litter (KS2)

Sustainability and recycling – children follow the “lethal litter trail” finding out about the harmful effects of litter on wildlife and then take part in a litter pick, sorting materials as compostable, recyclable or landfill.  Selected items are put into a composting time line identifying which rots fastest and which not at all!

Teacher - Tree Detectives at Hollingworth Lake

“The pupil really enjoyed getting out of the classroom and finding out about the woods"


“Children really engaged”