Currently, we work alongside the Ranger Service offering specialist volunteering opportunities and training as part of the Rochdale Council Green Volunteer Scheme.

Lianne -Volunteer

"Volunteering with NatureEd has helped me gain professional experience, and assisted me in becoming a Level 3 Forest School Leader. Working outside with NatureEd offers an experience like no other, and provides something new to learn every day".


NatureEd Volunteer Update

Although the pilot “Guardian” project funded through postcode lottery ended in July 2017 we have continued working with a number of volunteers through the Rochdale’s Green Volunteer Scheme
Two of our volunteers, Lianne and Ellie  undertook FS level 3 training. Both are now fully qualified practitioners who have become invaluable members of our facilitator team.
NatureEd is committed to the continued professional development of our volunteers and facilitators and provide in house training sessions in the woods which have proved popular.

Lianne - Ealees Forest School Guardian volunteer

Really enjoyed the day helping the reception Forest School - will soon be undertaking my Forest School level 3 training so this is great experience for me"

Ealees Forest School Guardians (Jan – July 2017)

Volunteer recruitment was possible thanks to support from the Postcode Local Trust and Rochdale Council Our project received £1970.00 from the Trust.
This funding enabled NatureEd to recruit 5 new volunteer “guardians” committed to working with NatureEd to improve the local woodland and assist NatureEd with Forest School activities for children of all ages, as a pilot project it has been a great success.
Ealees Woods is a fantastic place for people to enjoy wildlife and, thanks to our agreement with Rochdale Council, we regularly use the area to help young people to learn about their local environment. Continued use has an impact on the woods, so having volunteer ‘Guardians’ to help both with the practical management and also to assist with these sessions has really made a difference.
Running alongside the Ranger Green Volunteer Scheme, practical work constructing the forest school area and improving wildlife was completed in February. Opening up the canopy had a real impact on the ground flora resulting in a fantastic show of bluebells this Spring. The logs and brash were used as natural barriers to prevent damage from trampling and also for the young people to make habitat homes, dens and seating.
The Postcode Local Trust is a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

Rochdale Onine press release July 2017

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